May 2006

We are alive, safe, and back in South Bend after our 705 mile round trip excursion through Indiana and Kentucky! We would like to sincerely thank Greg Brenner from PRN for setting up the mini-mini-tour and letting us stay at his Punk Rock Mansion! Cheers to John Kirkwood, Josh Fission, Jeff (sorry you got fired and thanks for putting us up), Josh from Rambunctious Youth (thanks for putting us up and for letting Dom take a MUCH NEEDED bath), Meg for taking the pictures of us and all of the bands at The Melody Inn, Kramer for being himself, Brandon for letting Barry use his drum set - otherwise Barry would have had to put his drums together again! We would also like to thank the bands that we played with: Neon Maniacs, The Sleazies, Porch Mob, The Relatives, M.O.T.O., The Midnight Creeps, Rambunctious Youth, Pretentious Wankers, AppleCore, The Accidents, and The Spider Monkeys! A special thanks to everybody that attended our PRN shows! Once again thank you all for your support and hospitality...You all rock! Our van (The Floodvan) made the 705 mile journey without any major problems! While passing through Vincennes, Indiana, Dom checked the oil level. In the course of a brief inspection the engine needed some oil. After adding more oil Dom forgot to push the dipstick all the way in. This caused oil to spill on the engine and the inside of the Floodvan to smell like burning oil. After adding a few quarts of oil we were back on the road! On our way home just north of Indianapolis we broke a steel belt on the right rear tire. Around 70 M.P.H the Floodvan would wobble....Slow and steady wins the race! Sometime during the summer of 2006 we will do another PRN statewide mini-mini-tour.

May 2005

Sean Martin (Ex-Stab Punx) became our main vocalist. In September guitarist and song writer Todd Meszaros (The Aakata’s and Ex-Hooligan Riot) joined the band. We are looking forward to playing even more shows now that the line-up is complete. Please keep checking this site or HTTP://MYSPACE.COM/FLOODBARMUSIC for more info!

August 2004

FlooDBaR's much anticipated Ghost Town E.P. should be released around the beginning of September. We are looking for help with distribution. Until then you can purchase our CD’s and other merchandise online at, or at our concerts. A raw mix of Ghost Town and All I Want from the upcoming Ghost Town E.P. are available for a sneak peek on Currently we have reached #14 on the PUNK charts. JULY 2004 Guitarist Ed Smith (Ex-Deep Fried) was added to the lineup. We will be working on putting out an E.P. as soon as we have time! Barry who also plays in another band now has a very busy schedule.

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