FlooDBaR was formed in Mishawaka, Indiana in the spring of 1999. The original line-up was: Dom Sobieralski, Barry Hunter, Dave Gay, Dan Vance and Brenden Jumps. From 1999-2006 FlooDBaR played many a show and has played with the likes of : The Urinal Mints, Hotlips Messiah, Love Muffin, HIPPO, Negative Nancy, Durge, Chronic Chaos, ALLCHARGESDROPPED, Mr. Ridiculous, Codeine 500, Don't Shoot, I'm With God, Student Rick, The Glory Whores, Water City Bandits, The Aakatas, The Nothing, The Jerry Lundegards, White Trash All Stars, Neon Maniacs, The Sleazies, Porch Mob, The Relatives, M.O.T.O, The Midnight Creeps, Pretentious Wankers, AppleCore, Spider Monkeys, Destroy Everything, The Murder Junkies and MANY MANY others.  In 2001 FlooDBaR split up after releasing their 2nd full length album, entitled Love Songs For Livestock.  Creative differences caused the breakup and FlooDBaR was put on mothballs. Dave and Brenden went to start Double Agent.  In 2002 FlooDBaR was resurrected with a new lineup ( except for Barry and Dom) they brought in Eric on bass guitar, and Sean Martin on vocals.  We recorded an E.P. entitled What's next?!?!.  The resurrection was short lived, however.  Do to personal conflicts within the group FlooDBaR was once again put on mothballs.  Then in the spring of 2004 Barry and Dom decided to bring it back again, kinda like a bad case of the herps.  The current line-up is Dom Sobieralski, Barry Hunter, Sean Martin, Todd Meszaros and Ed Smith.  We have since released an E.P. entitled Ghost Town, and a full length titled "Six More Miles". Both of which are available over the internet at this site by cotnacting us.


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